Episode 1 – Why We Are Here

Look for the challenge at the 16 minute mark…please respond below!

3 thoughts on “Episode 1 – Why We Are Here

  1. Enjoyed the first episode. Check LinkedIn for an introduction I made regarding the challenge. Looking forward to hearing what’s next.

  2. The one organization I can think of as an “Agile” is the Dallas Cowboys in the Tom Landry era. They had a solid goal (Superbowl), and then the value and are pushed down to offense and defense, then defensive line, linebackers, secondary, then to the individual people.
    This also has the properties of a highly effective team – the planning is central – game plan, but during the play, the execution is decentralized. They have a defined on-boarding called training camp. I have read that Coach Landry would actually give each player a binder with the tactics and methods that were needed to achieve the goals.

    1. Rick — Yes! This is a great example. Sports teams that have their Legacy championship teams have a similar approach. A shared understanding of attitudes, beliefs, values, and goals. You notice that when just 1 key play or the coach leaves the organization the team struggles.

      This can currently be seen with the English Premier League team Manchester United. Under the reign of Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United had always been a dominating force, always winning cups or in contention for a cup. When Ferguson left, the team went and is going through, a power struggle between the players and manager, and the differences in play style between Ferguson and José Mourinho in challenging the concept of players understanding how their role fits within with achieving the goal.

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