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Back2Agile Podcast is launching on January 16, 2018.

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The Back2Agile Podcast is a new, bi-weekly podcast that I’m creating which focuses educating people in any business about what Agile really is.

You see…in 2001, a group of technology experts gathered together to define a manifesto that would guide the development and introduction of new technologies and products in businesses.  The problem they had was that world started to change too quickly for traditional project management and software development approaches to keep up.

Over the years, many frameworks have been created, and many certifications created to support expertise in those frameworks, but somehow, we’ve all lost our way.

If you were to ask 20 people, “What is Agile?,” you would inevitable get 20 different answers and very few of them would be correct.  They would talk about process, frameworks, methodologies, etc., but what they are missing is that Agile is a mindset, a perspective, a culture of approaching problems in a way that minimizes wastes, maximized value and allows for experimentation to arrive at the best results.

Please support me as I build this podcast to help bring everyone back to what agile really means, and how to take advantage of this mindset and culture to accelerate businesses.

Again, Thank you! for supporting me.

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